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How to use dating sites but not pay for them

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Paul, thanks so much for talking with us today. So when I go to the grocery store, if I spend a lot of time scanning the shelves, I could be doing other things.

How to use dating sites but not pay for them, online dating industry: the business of love

And if I want to buy a new house and I go from open house to open house, I could be doing other things. And so when we think about a place where investing and getting what you really want is particularly valuable, it seems like the market for a life partner is hard to beat.

We just buy one share of whatever company it is or we just buy one ton of soybeans or whatever it is. So in an ideal world, we would have the ability to search every single person out there and pick the ideal match.

But the world is not ideal and going about searching through people is very costly.

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So online dating has actually provided a boon to the market, or at least from my perspective I think of it that way. Because going out and meeting people is costly and difficult.

Whereas, searching through online profiles can be fairly efficient. So you have to spend the time going through profiles on websites and things like that and that can be very costly. Well, and, of course, there was one little wrinkle to this, which actually makes it more like the world of hiring, which I was so glad that you mentioned, which is that you are not just sort of shopping for a partner.

So how does that kind of mutual choosing option kind of mix things up? Well, it does make the market a lot more complicated as I point out in the book.

So every house is different and every life partner is different. But when you do shop for a house, you just need to find the one you really want and be willing to pay enough for it. Both sides have to agree.

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And as a result, what ends up happening is both employers and people looking for jobs as well as people looking for significant others are always wondering could I do a little bit better? And they might, even given an option, not take it.

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So I might date somebody a few times and I think, well, you know I can.

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