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Nye also acknowledges that he resigned from his trustee positions with the pension and savings plans of CWS effective October 27, Nye further acknowledges that he has no further employment relationship whatsoever with CWS.

Nye waives any right or claim to reinstatement as an employee or an officer of CWS and will not seek employment or consulting work as an independent contractor in the woman seeking men in baltimore with CWS or any of its respective divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates, or holding companies.

As of September 28, Nye agrees that he had relinquished all power and authority as an employee and officer of CWS, and acknowledges that he is not authorized to bind CWS in any agreement, contract or promise, and agrees not to represent that he has such powers to third parties.

Nye acknowledges that he intends that the Released Claims released herein be construed as broadly as possible.

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