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Is austin butler and vanessa hudgens married

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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler's Relationship Timeline Is Serious Relationship Goals

If such a glitter did exist, I can promise you that Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler must have a lifetime supply because these beauties have been together so long, I've almost stopped counting.

Seriously, they've been an item for a whopping seven years and are still going strong. TBH, it really makes you wonder if something in Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler's relationship timeline holds the secret to their long-term bliss.

It turns out, the duo were good friends long before they started seeing each other romantically. It wasn't until years later, in when rumors began to swirl that the two might be more than just friends, after Butler was allegedly spotted leaving Hudgens' home.

However, the couple made one of their outings together in September of that same year when they were seen smooching over milkshakes at a Los Angeles hotspot. The duo continued to be seen together around town and abroad kissing n' caressing like source was their job.

They weren't not confirming that they were in a relationship, but they didn't up and tell us for sure, either. A year later in Septemberthey were still giving off major "in love" vibes while making out at an Italian restaurant in Venice during the debut of Spring Breakers at the 69th annual Venice Film Festival. During the MTV Music Video AwardsButler glowed as he talked about his love for Hudgens and how they've managed to make their relationship work.

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It's no secret that long-distance can be tough on any relationship, no matter how famous you are. But still, Hudgens and Butler persevered.

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