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Later, support will be added for other font types e. If non-nil then WoMan may use the symbol font.

Default is nil, mainly because it may change the line spacing at least in NTEmacs It should be compatible with, and the same size as, the default text font. It logs all files formatted by WoMan and the time taken.

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If WoMan finds anything that it cannot handle then it writes a warning to this buffer. If the variable woman-show-log is non-nil by default it is nil then WoMan automatically displays this buffer.

See Interface Options.

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Many WoMan warnings can be completely ignored, because they are reporting the fact that WoMan has ignored requests that it is correct for WoMan to ignore. In some future version this level of paranoia may be reduced, but not until WoMan is deemed more reliable.

At present, all warnings should be treated with some suspicion. Uninterpreted escape sequences are also logged in some cases.

By resetting the variable woman-ignore to nil by default it is tuninterpreted roff requests can optionally be left in the formatted buffer to indicate precisely where they occurred. Top 7 Technical Details Horizontal and vertical spacing and resolution WoMan currently assumes 10 characters per inch horizontally, hence a horizontal resolution of 24 basic units, and 5 lines per inch vertically, hence a vertical resolution of 48 basic units.

Vertical spacing and blank lines The number of consecutive blank lines in the formatted buffer should be either 0 or 1. A blank line should here a space like.

Current policy is to output vertical space only immediately.

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