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Why Crazy Rich Asians was a box-office flop in China Major international hit tanks in China, underscoring for some the divide between Chinese motherland and Asian diaspora.

For the Beijing-born, US-raised writer, the story of the daughter of a Chinese-American immigrant going to Singapore to meet her fiancee's traditional Asian family hit close to home.

It presented, she said, an opportunity for Chinese audiences to learn about and feel a connection to the wider Asian diaspora, and "feel part of this family".

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But in Chinawhere the film opened on November 30 under the title An Unexpected Tale of Picking Gold, the response was starkly different. And while internationally buzz has already been building over Crazy Rich Asians' sequel - China Rich Girlfriend, which producers say will be filmed partly in Shanghai over the coming year - the abysmal performance of the first film at the China box office suggests dubious prospects for the series in the world's fastest-growing film market.

Film Crazy Rich Asians takes Hollywood by storm According to popular reviews posted on Chinese movie websites mtime and douban, Crazy Rich Asians wasn't a celebration of Asian culture - it was a demonisation of it. Many review writers took issue with the film's extreme materialism and promiscuity. Others said Crazy Rich Asians presented traditional forces, embodied by the character Eleanor played by Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh as villainous and backward.

It almost implies the destiny of contemporary China: She turns up and doesn't speak Chinese, doesn't understand the.

Where to meet Chinese women in your country? ( Chinese girls dating advice )

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