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The 50 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

Hoping lightning would strike twice, the two play another destined-to-be couple in the romantic comedy 50 First Dates.

This movie has the kind of plot that makes you wonder how it made it through studio vetting all the way to a greenlight. Barrymore plays Lucy Whitmore, a woman who wakes up with amnesia every single morning.

Fortunately, she suffers from an illness that was just made up for the film, so don't worry about this happening to you. She lives a blissfully ignorant existence until she meets Dr. Henry Roth Sandlera womanizing veterinarian intent on getting her to remember him.

I admit that I saw 50 First Dates in theaters and enjoyed it. Drew Barrymore does a terrific impression of actual sunshine; Adam Sandler is at his most charming; and the theme beyond the conceit — that loving someone means making sure that they know that, every single day — is actually pretty sweet.

50 Greatest Romantic Comedies of All Time

But time and distance have shown me that 50 First Dates is loaded down with problems that are too big to ignore. He's also a serial womanizer who targets tourists and gets them into bed with made-up stories about himself and his job. His interest in one-night-stands ends when he meets Lucy, which suggests that the problem was the women he was choosing and not his own cruel indifference.

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Worse still is that he takes Lucy up as a project; her vulnerability is what reels him in. The love of a good and relatively weak woman turns around a philandering man? When will this trope finally be played out?

50 days of dating movie: 50 dating tips from the movies

But it should have been. They decide not to tell her about her memory loss and instead let her relive the day of the accident over and over and over again.

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The bright side is that they're eventually convinced that they're stripping Lucy of her agency, but the deception still difficult to watch. Henry Borderline Stalks Lucy Not every meeting is as magical as Henry and Lucy's first, so Henry concocts a series of scenarios to get her attention.

All advice from Doc Love inscribed, and ranked according to user and editor ratings. Nothing more to turn me off than a man pulling back.

Including putting a wee penguin in danger! More of the latter, sadly. Have You Seen Blackfish?

Sea World and parks like it have come under heavy scrutiny by animal rights activists over the past few years. If Henry's such a great vet, why does he work at one of them?.

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